About Us

Taking children from two years to school age

We are small Pre-School located in Hatherley Scout Hut on Penrith Road in Hatherley. We have a hall, very large outside area, kitchen, toilets and meeting room.

Hatherley Pre-School Main Hall

Partnership with other settings and schools

We want to make sure that at Hatherley Pre-School your child gets a good quality pre-school experience. We will work with other settings, family members and childminders who care for your child too, so we can all work together to help your child progress.

During Terms 5 & 6 we will work with your child’s school they will be attending to ensure that the transition is smooth. We will arrange visits, invite teachers from your child’s school and arrange transition records to be completed by your child’s key person and discussed with parents.

Partnership with parents

As parents you have the best knowledge of your children, so we encourage parents to get involved with your child’s learning journey at Pre-School. We assign each child a key person who we encourage parents to speak with each session, especially when your child first starts. We use an online learning journey called Tapestry which parents have access to via a secure login. This enables parents to see what their child is doing, comment and add their own observations. It’s a great way of getting parents involved in their child’s learning. Each term your child’s key person will also add ‘Next Steps’ to Tapestry so you can see what we are working on and giving parents ideas of how they can support this too.

Outside Play

Children have access to outside play every day. It is a requirement of the EYFS that the children are given the opportunity for outside play every session. With this in mind, please make sure your child comes to Pre-School with appropriate clothing for the weather on the day. We will be out in all weathers and have lots of opportunities to get messy so please don’t put your child in their best new clothes!


The Early Years Foundation Stage is our statutory framework which starts at birth and continues until a child’s end of reception year. We use a document called ‘Development Matters’ to help us determine where your child’s starting points are and track their progress. The Department of Education have produced a booklet that gives parents lots of information about the EYFS. You can find and download the document by clicking the link: What to expect when

Daily snack and lunch

At Hatherley Pre-School we are promoting healthy eating. For snack, children are offered a piece of fruit or veg and a drink of milk or water. Parents can provide their own snack if you prefer.

For lunch, we ask that parents provide a packed lunch. We ask that this is a healthy balanced lunch. More information about this can be found on the website below. Milk and water are provided at lunch time too.

Policies of Hatherley Pre-School

Our policies at Hatherley Pre-School are available every session. Please take time to read them if possible. I will email out Policies that you need to take particular notice of. Policies are also available on our website.

If you have any questions either before or after your child starts, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Download our Information leaflet

Ofsted Inspection

At our Ofsted inspection in May 2019 we were awarded OUTSTANDING! We are all so thrilled and I’m very proud of our staff team who have worked so hard for it. The report can be viewed on the Ofsted website. Thank you everyone for your support.

Play, Learn and Grow Together